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Ti Outdoors Simulator

Best Security Training & Associates LLC has partnered with TI Systems to bring the TI training system to our location. TI training offers something for everyone and is the most advanced Law Enforcement simulated training system on the market.


The TI Training Lab offers over 500 simulated scenarios for law enforcement and security professionals to practice and hone their skills, to be better prepared when on duty.


The TI Systems Firing Line module allows everyone to hone their skills in target shooting scenarios. In addition, The Firing line module allows courses of fire to be ran.


TI Outdoors is where our guests can have the most fun. The user driven interface allows our guests to shoot competitively against each other in outdoor, indoor, course of fire, and zombie scenarios.

Gunfighter PRO ™


Proven in the law enforcement and military community, the Gunfighter PRO ™ delivers the same simulation training to the civilian market with 200+ judgement scenarios loaded onto the system.


The Gunfighter PRO's scenarios allow the trainee to make those split-second use-of-force decisions in a controlled environment, while the instructor can change the outcome of the scenarios to custom tailor to
a specific class or training objective.

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